BIT 2023: business and trends also at the events

BIT 2023: business and trends also at the events

Bringing Innovation into Travel will be once again the leitmotif of this year's rich schedule of events among networking, trends and business tools.

After leaving behind the pandemic period, tourism is showing signs of recovery both on the supply side, not only leisure but also business, and on the demand side, with an increasing demand for innovation. For this reason, within the BIT 2023 schedule, the “hot topics” will have to do with sustainability, innovation, quality and inclusion, accompanied by appropriate training, each one of them presented and analysed in depth by leading national and international industry experts.




Focus on sustainability and “slow excellence”


The schedule of events is now starting to take shape, with proposals for slow and sustainable tourism. For example, some topics of interest will be “Nature Tourism: Towards a New Awareness”, or “Slow pace and Excellence” for a conscious enjoyment of both Italian and international tourist routes. Another highlight of the programme will be the theme of “Food and Wine Tourism”: a winning combination of green, social and innovative experiences to discover places all around the world. Not to be forgotten are “The Luxury of Wellness” - an emotional experience between wellness, nature and territory - and business travel: because today even business travellers are willing to act more consciously, and bleisure is back as well, which will be discussed in “The era of bleisure, not only for work”.


The centrality of sustainable tourism in the schedule aims to promote the knowledge and appreciation of local cultures and traditions, while respecting the environment and the traditional ways of living of host countries, territories and populations. The renewed need for a responsible, sustainable tourism, that respects people and the environment, will direct the offer towards new proposals of destinations, but also towards new experience itineraries, also for MICE, with the desire to discover the excellence and uniqueness of the territories also during Bleisure trips among technology, creativity, innovation, unusual locations, to which the programme schedule will dedicate a specific section.




Towards experiences of higher quality


Even in the MICE sector, every experience requires a high-standard offer, not only coming from a quality standpoint, but also taking into account how inclusive and socially useful the experience can be. As a consequence, in a “quality product” it’s strictly necessary to identify not only the entity to which the quality concept shall be applied, but also all the relevant parties and quality factors which must then be transformed into measurable indicators in order to be able to make comparisons. The 2025 Jubilee and the Winter Olympics in 2026 will be two events in which to put this into practice.


BIT 2023 – at Allianz MiCo from 12 to 14 February – will present to its visitors and exhibitors a rich schedule of national and international initiatives focused on training, drawing inspiration and in-depth analysis, to investigate with a strongly practical slant the new trends and skills required for industry operators: an ally at the side of the industry to best face the challenges and opportunities presented by the sector.


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