Shiruq Travel: culture and sustainability for proposals with attention to every detail

Shiruq Travel: culture and sustainability for proposals with attention to every detail

Malta, Portugal and the Balkans are the most popular destinations of 2022 for this new reality devoted to quality tourism.

A focus on culture to enhance quality tourism with an eye on sustainability, something increasingly demanded by travellers after the pandemic. This is the winning strategy of the new Tour Operator Shiruq Travel, as explained by the Founder & General Manager, Elena Valdata: “Born in October 2021, the brand has been enthusiastically welcomed by travel agencies, that have shown from the very beginning their appreciation for the philosophy of Shiruq and the founding values of this new reality which, ironically, we define as a startup with 20 years of experience, since the team of professionals who founded Shiruq has a long experience in the field of cultural tourism”.


“We foresee the direct participation of Travellers to projects aimed at safeguarding populations and territories. One example is the planting of trees in deforested areas”, adds the Director Francesca Lorusso. “In Sudan we founded the association Friends of Sudan, which supports the local population in the realization of projects related to education, health, culture and environment, always in full respect of the customs, values and religion of the Sudanese people”.


“Our travel programs are different for their slower pace, a choice made to allow the traveller to savour the essence of the destination, to experience the places and not just visit them”, concludes Valentina Rubbi, Marketing & Communication Manager. “For 2022 we are collecting requests for Malta, Portugal and the Balkans, destinations to which we are dedicating diversified travel proposals with strong experiential vocation and attention to detail."